Reuben A. Denty RESUME (May 2015)

Reuben A. Denty BIO (May 2015)


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“Reuben is exactly what one should look for in a director of photography – and more. Besides being a visual master behind the lens, Reuben is a top notch creative collaborator and has always added value to every project we have worked on together. Not to mention his friendliness, humour and wit make him a joy to share the set with. Hiring Reuben Denty as a DOP for any project is highly recommended.”

Paul Papadopoulos – Director/Producer

“I had the pleasure of working with Reuben on two series “Arresting Design” and “Style by Jury” and on both he was a lifesaver. Reuben did an excellent job as our Director of Photography for both these series and as an added bonus was an absolute joy to work with. Through long hours, sometimes unbelievable weather and crazy locations, Reuben was the “go to” guy for making sure things looked beautiful and we made our days. His dedication to getting the shot ‘right’, his patience, and his great sense of humor were inspirational assets to his crew and the team around him. I can’t wait to work with Reuben again!”

Tracy Grant – Production Supervisor

“Reuben is one of the best cameramen and directors of photography I’ve had the pleasure to work with. During our time working together on “Style by Jury”, Reuben always demonstrated the most professional of work ethics, complimented by an easygoing style that helped bond the crew. He handled the most strenuous and challenging shoots with calmness and positivity, and often offered up innovative solutions to creative and logistical problems. Reuben’s visual style is top notch, and he can accommodate whatever style the director/client desires. He is a good communicator, and builds great rapport with the director, actors, clients and other crew members. He knows his technology, but always puts the story first. He would be a valued asset on any production team.”

Christopher Hanyk – Assistant Director

“Reuben Denty is the consummate professional. This makes for an absolutely enjoyable collaboration in video medium. His understanding of lighting and perspectives combined with skill in facilitating the extractions of a good performance create an ideal environment. I have over 20 years of TV work and Reuben has made many of those years a truly excellent experience.”

Korby Banner – Commercial Artist

“I worked with Reuben on Arrested Design and The List. He is fabulously talented and uniquely dedicated to his craft which, along with a wonderful open mind and enthusiastic attitude, make him a total pleasure to create with. I highly recommend Reuben for any shoot.”

Nikila Cole – Director

“Reuben is an experienced pro who brings his skill, knowledge, and creativity to every project. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Reuben on various shoots over the years and I’ve always been impressed with his talent, professionalism and positive attitude. A real team player!”

Ben Maher – Director of Photography

“I’ve worked with well over 80 different camera operators. Of those, there is less than a handful that I feel comfortable recommending to my higher-end clients. Reuben Denty is in that select few. His professionalism and performance have kept my integrity intact. I will continue to recommend Reuben.”

David Hill – Director of Photography/Camera Operator


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