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The past year Reuben had the opportunity to work on several larger productions in Canada including:

Fool Canada – Shaftesbury/CBC
Dream Funded – Eone, CTV and Uamg for CTV
Never Ever Do This At Home 2 – Insight Productions for Discovery/SPIKE
Undercover High – General Purpose Entertainment for YTV
Master Chef Canada – Proper TV for CTV
Tori & Dean: Cabin Fever – HGTV (U.S.), CMT
Chopped Canada – Paperny Entertainment for Food Network Canada

Industry Biography

Reuben graduated from Humber Colleges 3 year Film and Television program in 1991 and during his studies he was awarded the Edmund Long CSC Memorial award for Cinematography. While attending college Reuben’s mentor and former president of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers, the late, Ken E. Post csc, took it upon himself to help Reuben focus his natural cinematic abilities

Before graduation Reuben started his professional career as a camera assistant, field producer, motion control animation camera operator and a non-linear editor. His still photo background and camera assisting career transformed Reuben into a lighting camera operator.

He continued to perfect his non-linear editing skills by editing TV series and commercials where he was also employed as the Director of Photography. Because of his camera experience and knowledge of non-linear editing platforms Reuben earned an opportunity to work for a year in Copenhagen, Denmark as a creative editor for motion picture DVD menus. During this time he also worked as a Director of Photography and Producer on several music videos and high end corporate productions.

With over 27 years of industry experience Reuben continues to work as a Director of Photography & Lighting Camera Operator based out of the Toronto, Ontario area. His areas of expertise include commercial, lifestyle-reality, docu-drama and children’s programming. Over the past 7 years Reuben has highly specialized in PHANTOM high speed cinematography as well as hidden camera and extreme POV cinematography.

Reuben recently finished production on a new comedy travel series featuring Canadian actor & comedian Will Sasso. The series, entitled FOOL CANADA was produced with Shaftesbury Films for CBC. It will start showing on CBC in June 2015. Reuben is currently in pre-production for a new 4K pilot series with Discovery Canada and he continues to operate camera on various studio and format network shows.

“One characteristic and passion that I adopted early on from my mentor and Professor Ken Post csc, was his passion and ability to make any lighting or filming conditions work for the cinematographer. It is that continuing passion and creative challenge that continues to keep this industry exciting. I think that my creative enthusiasm and post production background have helped me to become a versatile and successful DP and camera operator.”

Reuben A. Denty

May 2015.

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